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                            Giving Others Timely Help On Personal Expectations 

 with advance care planning

Welcome! I provide tools, guidance, and support to clients in their decision making with respect to advance care planning.  Often, in conjunction with their lawyer's instructions.  

Advance Care Planning is an opportunity to communicate your values, beliefs and wishes for a time of mental incapacity. 

Advance Care Planning leads to the Substitute Decision Maker nomination.

Advance Care Planning offers the opportunity to reduce caregiver stress and share how you want to live while incapacitated.  

Advance Care Planning is one of the most life affirming acts you can do and the best gift you can give to your designated care givers.

ONE of the biggest mistakes you can make is not considering the possibility of mental incapacity (temporary or permanent) in a health crisis. Taking the time to personalize your Power of Attorney for Care NOW can be a useful tool to legally protect your long-term health when you can no longer understand or appreciate your health-related decisions.  What you do now matters in the end.


 "What you do now matters in the end" Got Hope

Giving Others Timely Help on Personal Expectations
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