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                             Giving Others Timely Help On Personal Expectations

with advance care planning


What do I do as your Advance Care Guide and Facilitator?


  What I do;

  • provide you with helpful information so you can  make educated choices re: Substitute Decision Maker aka Attorney for Care in Ontario
  • help you prepare a personalized message to help your Substitute Decision Maker during a time of mental incapacity
  • guide and facilitate conversations with nominees (Substitute Decision Maker/Attorney for Care) of your personal care while incapacitated
  • help you remove the overwhelm and the "where the hell do I start?" confusion out of the organization of information by producing your personal Got Info Case



I believe that if you are brave enough to plan and explore the important things in your life, personal care in a time of incapacity can meet your expectations. My guidance and alignment of your care goals with legal paperwork can make this happen.  "What you do now matters in the end".



Speak for me as if you were me

Power of Attorney for Personal Care​

Consultation and Preparation of a personalized embedded video, audio or written message for your substitute decision maker(s)message to be attached to your Power of Attorney for Personal Care as a Schedule "A".  This can be done in conjunction with your lawyer's office.

$150 - $225

Got Info Case is the first step in care planning


Fire/Water Resistant Got Info Case

This is your perfect companion in a time of need. NINETEEN personalized tabs that include all your important information that you or your Attorney for Personal Care will need to access during a health crisis.   Let's remove the overwhelm and the "where the hell do I start?" questions out of the organization of personal information.


$100 individual or $125 couple,

if assistance is needed, additional $45 hourly

Wishes to make the celebration of life memorable

Funeral Document

Guidance and preparation of funeral and ceremony plan by exploring options in burial methods and life celebrations.


 "What you do now matters in the end" Got Hope

Got Info Case is the first step

Please note the following:

  • my services are offered in conjunction with licensed lawyers' instructions in the Province of Ontario with respect to the Power of Attorney for Personal Care
  • the Funeral Document is not a legally binding authority but a "wishes only" document.  This document may be prepared without the aid of a lawyer
  • is not affiliated with any other website or authority

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