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                            Giving Others Timely Help On Personal Expectations 

 with advance care planning

I am a healthy person, why should I do this now?

If you have ever had to make a decision during a crisis, you will remember that it was extremely stressful!  Taking the time to record your wishes and voice reminds those who care about you and are assigned to speak on your behalf what you prefer at this crucial time in your life.  This also reduces YOUR worry of "what if" and, in turn, it will reduce THEIR stress then.

Advance Care Planning is liberating and reminds you and others how you want to live.  Let me be your guide!

Advance Care Planning now helps YOU

  • better understand your options 
  • empower your Attorney for Care/SDM
  • reduce confusion over your medical wishes
  • know you have eased burden on others
  • take control of what you want known

 "What you do now matters in the end" Got Hope

What you do now matters in the end.
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